Saturday, March 15, 2008

Dollface Design T-Shirt

Dollface Design T-Shirt
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this is my new t-shirt design, yay! it features my illustrious little, pipe smoking, bird/woman hybird, along with my hand drawn font. i just posted it on alchemy on etsy. for those of you not familiar, alchemy is a section on etsy where buyers & sellers can post specific custom requests, allowing sellers to "bid" on requests and buyers to choose the seller whose ideas most closely coincide with their vision, it's a pretty interesting concept. i'm looking for someone to silkscreen it onto a t-shirt for me, preferably something heather gray, super soft, thin, and vintage-y with a bit of distressing for good measure. i figure it will be good advertising and i think it's pretty cute to boot ♥ i think i'm going to have my etsy shop's web address on the back too, nothing too big or obnoxious, just kind of small and dainty under the neck.
i'd love to learn how to silkscreen myself (add that to my ever growing list of crafty endeavors i aspire to master!). that way i'd be able to offer lots of my designs on t-shirts and hoodies and pretty much take over the universe. i think several of my designs would lend themselves well to a t-shirt, and it would be another way that buyers could enjoy my stuff, other than simply displaying it on a wall. i think people really like the idea of "wearable" art, at least i do ♥ that's why i need to get back into making my soldered charm pendants with my artwork encased inside, so stay tuned because i'll be offering those in the shop again very soon! my dream of dreams, is to one day be able to offer my designs on t-shirts, hoodies, journals, totebags, pendants, cards, and prints...i'm pretty sure that it will happen eventually...i never thought i'd be where i am now, but strangely enough once you stop "thinking" about how you're going to do something and simply start "doing" something, amazing things start to happen. and things you never thought possible seem to manifest, falling into place with grace and ease, and suddenly the things of your dreams start to become your reality and the lines become blurred, the doubts become less and the hopes become more, and suddenly you start to really believe in's a good feeling.


DeBRiNa PRaTT said...

It IS a good feeling Layla and I KNOW more great things will happen with you and your art!

dollface design said...

thank you so much debrina! you're sweet, i'm just keep doing what i'm doing and i figure good things are bound to happen, love & support from my cyber friends is a giant plus to all this, and i appreciate every bit of encouragement that i get ♥

tammy f said...

Because I apparently live under a rock I'm just now catching up with your blog and commenting on this post from like...thirty-four years ago. I don't know if you remember me (tammy "frenchkiss"). Anyway, I lusted after and purchased some items from you a while back and begged you at that time to do t-shirts. I'm so excited to see that you still have that in the works. I'll be stalking you (in a nice way though) until I see those shirts girl!! XO XO XO