Saturday, March 15, 2008

Take it in Stride and Let it Ride!

Sometimes you just need to let it go..."Let it Ride" is part of my new dolly affirmation series, loosely inspired by Stuart Smalley of Saturday Night Live fame and alcoholic's anonymous bumper stickers. It features hand drawn lettering against a backdrop of super 70's flower power madness, in deliciously vibrant shades of lime green and tangerine dream!
Directions for dolly affirmations are as follows:
1) hang in prominent place
2) repeat dolly affirmation several times while wearing
"free to be me" sweatshirt
3) have fabulous day chock full of self-esteem
4) repeat as necessary♥


~dani~ said...

Fantastic Esteem Builder! Let it ride, sista..let it ride!

dollface design said...

amen sista, just let it ride!