Saturday, February 2, 2008

I'm Still Waiting ~ Vintage Paper Collage

Another collage from my vintage paper series...I'm gearing up for my feature on poppytalk handmade, so I need to have about 10 pieces that somehow reflect a spring or easter aesthetic, this one may be a bit more valentine-y (or ish?) with the flaming hearts, but I'm hoping that the gracefully swooping bird (perhaps she's a dove? I do believe doves are associated with easter and all things spring) and the flowers override the valentine vibe...we'll see... ♥

Crimson & Clover ~ Vintage Paper Collage

I just bought another antique ledger and this one is even better than the last, it has layers upon layers of old paper glued upon the original handwritten pages, but because it is so old and delicate, the glue has dried and the top layers peel off really easily, leaving bits and pieces behind, so each page has layers and textures of old paper, including tiny glimpses of scrolly handwriting, as well as bits of old recipes and clippings. This collage is printed on one of those pages and features an antique botanical illustration of a clover wearing a regal crimson crown. The queen of the meadow. ♥