Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I Love You Etsy!!!

I Love You Etsy!!!
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i listed and sold my first item on etsy november 13th, 2007 (thank you Heathersb!!!), three months later 1,000 hearts, yay!!!! i ♥ you etsy!!!
i'm definitely feeling the love on etsy, i couldn't have found a more amazing site filled with the most talented, inspirational group of people anywhere...thank you so much to everyone that's supported my shop!
i had my 200th sale today (thanks kandeland!) and that buyer will be receiving a free 1,000th heart will be receiving a free print as well, i can't express my appreciation enough, but that's my little token of thanks from me to you ♥
not to sound like a big fat cornball, but it's been totally life changing and so exciting, the entire experience has blown my mind and really taught me a lot about myself, not to sound all dramatic, but it's true. i've truly met the most creative, kind, and fantastically wonderful individuals that walk this planet, both sellers and buyers alike...i'm really grateful and so looking forward to all the good things yet to come....thank you etsy, i ♥ you!!!