Sunday, February 3, 2008

Vintage Paper Series II

Vintage Paper Series II
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Some of the old favorites are finally available in the shop again, including "bird queen", "my sacred heart", and "the littlest queen"...catch em' while you can ♥ Hope everyone had a peaceful, "easy like sunday mornin'" kind of day, back to the drudgery of work tomorrow for me, ugghh, I dream of the day when I can fully sustain myself financially from doing what i love...*sigh*...someday.

She Devil ~ Vintage Paper Collage

Hey peeps! (or perhaps i should say, peep?) Yet another vintage paper collage, I've been a crafty fool today, very productive, but my eyes are starting to feel crossed from gazing at the computer for too long...This is a portrait of a She Devil and she's posing with a haughtiness only She Devils seem to posess, seductively sneering with pitchfork in hand. This evil beauty is printed atop Miss Doris Rohl's handwritten recipe for sinfully decadent Devil's Food Cake, quite apropos...