Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Fashion Plate - Patchwork Paper Collage

As featured in Somerset Digital Studio, yay! ♥

Available in my etsy shop today!
This is a 5x7 mixed media collage art print featuring a beautiful bevy of patchwork papers, both vintage and new, in the most deliciously happy spring time colors! Bursting with aqua blue, sunshine yellow, and mossy green, in the most delightful patchwork pattern, this little lady is like a sweet breath of spring for your wall! Inspired by my obsessive love for "fashion plates" as a child. For those of you not familiar, "fashion plates" were the coolest thing ever! They were textured plastic plates of various outfits, tops, pants, skirts, etc., along with various women's heads, you would then pick a coordinating head, top, and bottom, arrange them on the special "fashion plates" base, place your blank piece of paper on top, and color over it with colored pencils, creating your own unique, one of a kind, outfit, or fashion plate! Mere words are not doing this toy justice, if you have a minute, google it or search for it on ebay, trust me it is super cool and waaaaaay cooler than any of the toys you see today, it will not disappoint! Yet another reason, along with hair metal and skinny jeans, that living through the 80's (and being old enough to remember the highlights) was pretty much awesome.