Sunday, March 16, 2008

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i've been such a busy bee all weekend, staying up to the wee hours of the morn, collaging my little brains out, working my nimble fingers to the bone, so i could add some new things to the shop. spring is coming and i wanted to add some easy, breezy pieces to honor all the good things spring will bring ♥

This is a 9x12 inch original mixed media collage created upon 140 lb. cold pressed watercolor paper. Created in shades of creamy vanilla, antique lace, snowy white, and wispy pink this collage has a very soft, dream-like quality to it. It features a delightfully dainty, frolicking fawn, dancing and prancing through the woods while the pussywillows sway in the breeze. The fawn is a block print that was hand carved by moi and printed upon an antique piece of pale pink wallpaper. There's also lots of snips and scraps of sepia toned antique papers, including vintage book pages, an antique ledger page from 1871, and snippets from an antique french to english dictionary, giving this piece loads of texture and dimension. The edges are also frayed and tattered and a bit asymetrical, giving a wonderfully organic feel.

hope everyone's had a restful weekend full of crafty goodness!
nighty night my peeps!

Mental Photography

Mental Photography
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9x12 inch mixed media collage created upon 140 lb. cold press watercolor paper. It tells a story of rebirth, awakening, and opening your mind up to the possibility of the impossible. The central image is a wintergreen oil transfer created upon antique ledger paper dated November 1871. The wintergreen oil gives the piece a very soft, dream-like appearance, which lends itself well to the surreal nature of the collage. Additional bits of antique papers, including snippets from an antique french dictionary and vintage book text, were also added and give this collage a wonderful textural feel, as well as a beautifully muted palette of worn sepia tones.