Sunday, March 2, 2008


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8x10 collage featuring the artist otherwise known as "Silver Throat". Silver Throat is a legend around these parts, and one can often spot her ghost wandering through the hills at night, by the light of the silvery moon, a shimmery wood sylph, strumming her guitar, yodeling a haunting melody...legend has it that she will entrance you with her sweet siren song, cursing you into an eternal hell that will only allow you to communicate by quoting the Sound of Music. So beware, as you're frolicking through the hills at night, by the light of the silvery moon....the hills are alive with the sound of...SILVER THROAT!

Thank You for Calling the Opium Den...

available in my etsy shop today! ♥

"Thank You for Calling the Opium Den"
(this is Viv speaking, how may I direct your call?)

I just started a new moleskine to use as a springboard for new collage ideas...this piece started out as a page in my book, using traditional cut & paste collage and then continued to morph and grow digitally, into the psychedlic spectacular you see here.

This is an 11 x 8.5 inch collage featuring a voyeuristic view into Viv's Opium Den. It's truly a psychedelic feast for the eyes, featuring mushrooms, rainbows, shooting stars in candy colors, and a bevy of swirling, twirling flowers, meandering to and fro. And perched atop a rather large toadstool, just as dainty as can be, is Viv! Sporting her jaunty purple cap with a fluffly little magenta feather, serving up Opium hot and fresh every day with a dollop of sass, a wink and a smile! She's the go to gal for all your Opiate put that in your pipe and smoke it!