Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The Symphony of Life

The Symphony of Life
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oh i've been a naughty blogger! not even an official blogger for one week and i'm already missing posts, tsk tsk...that's why i love TartX's theory on "blogging without obligation"...if you don't who TartX is then you need to immediately visit her etsy shop, blog, or flickr stream because they're all fabulous, her work is truly amazing with a very cool, kind of surreal, fairytale like feel to it, i'm a big fan...but anyway, her "blogging without obligation" thing is that you shouldn't look at your blog like a chore or something you "must" do each day, but rather it should be something more organic and flowing, something you do because you want to, instead of have that's how i'm going to be approaching this blog, with total irreverence and freedom...i'm digging it, it kind of feels like the bra burning of the blog world!
the other thing you should be prepared for if you are going to be reading this is that i've completely given up on capitals, i tried to use them in my first few posts and seem all proper and full of grammatical correctness, but i'm over it. i type in lower case in my emails and on forums, so why not on my blog too?...hopefully this will not offend you, if it does i suggest you move onto another blog that it is more grammatically gracious than i, if this does not bother you and you are still reading...LONG LIVE THE LOWER CASE!
ok, enough ranting for tonight...onto this jaunty little pipe smoking bird! this is a little something i cooked up tonight. it's a combination of digital and traditional cut and paste collage, printed on antique paper from the early 1900's. it features a dapper little chippy, puffing on her pipe, sporting a sassy little hat with a feather in her cap! there are some hand drawn doodles along with some snips and scraps of vintage paper. i'll be listing this in my etsy shop shortly, or perhaps tomorrow as it's getting a bit late. goodnight my loves, more tomorrow....or not ♥