Sunday, February 24, 2008

Bunny Von Ludwig - Fairytale Portrait

i've been such a busy bee this weekend, coming up with new designs and all that good stuff, i've still got a few more to post to my shop, but just thought i'd whet your whistle with this debaucherous diva, Bunny Von Ludwig! i'll post the others later...hope everyone is having a sweet & sunny sunday, full of pancakes & pajamas ♥

available in my etsy shop♥

This is an 8x10 antique portrait of Bunny Von Ludwig, Austrian Duchess of the royal Von Ludwig family from the late 1700's. It was found deep within the bowels of the Von Ludwig Castle, located on the foothills of the Bohemian Forest...a family steeped in mystery, tragedy, and scandal. Although this is a rather innocent portraiture of Bunny, with her soft, silky ears fixed just so and her demure, coquettish smile, there was a darker, more primitive, seamier side, to this deceiptively sweet, girlish ingenue...a side that earned her the nickname "the duchess of debauchery"...a hedonistic harlot filled with insatiable desires, desires of a not so innocent nature shall we that feathery fan that she's holding merely a fan...or some other type of pleasure device? Only Bunny knows...tickles anyone?