Sunday, February 17, 2008

Somebody's Darling

Somebody's Darling
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soon to be available in my etsy shop♥

this photo is really not capturing this canvas as well as i'd like, but i'm the WORST photographer ever ;D so for now this is the best i could do....that's why i love my scanner so, but my scanner wasn't doing so hot with this you're subjected to my supremely deficient photograpy skills...8x10 collaged, gallery wrapped canvas, i wanted to try and create a little patchwork quilt of old paper with one of my ledger collages as the focal point, papers include antique ledger paper, wallpaper, and bits and scraps from an antique scrapbook...entire piece is sealed and sides are finished with bits and pieces of antique papers.

i'll be writing more later, busy like a bee filling orders, happy sunday!


kecia deveney said...

i didn't know you had a blog - good for you. and congrats on being so successful on etsy! i love this collage, it's so pretty.
xoxo kEcIa

dollface design said...

thank you so much kecia!!! ♥
the blog is pretty new, still a baby, but i figured it was about time ;D, thanks so much for stopping by!!!